Tokyo: The zen city

Our first impression is that Tokyo is  easy going and very organized. The pavement is wide and divided in left-going, right-going traffic and a bike lane. Yet nobody keeps their lane, everybody is zigzagging. Luckily it’s not crowded! You can barely hear cars, yet there’s traffic, probably all hybrid or electric. The cars look very small. […]


While chilling to “Friends of the Family” playing at the Roring stage in Haarlem I was reminiscing how  the past week felt like an extension of my vacation. All the fun, weird & new stuff Juun and me experienced in Japan. Anyway, Kingsday felt like an perfect way to get my head back in to the game. […]

Tokyo: The Arrival

The lady behind the JR service desk gave me a look from behind her surgical mask:”I can make cheaper price!”. After 9 hours being folded up in a 777 the train ticket price doesn’t matter. After standing in this line for a half hour to change my voucher for a JR Pass and finding out […]